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Physical Offline Cold Storage Tokens

Blockchain Iron

Blockchain Iron’s Crypto Coin Vault is an offline cold storage wallet for cryptocurrencies.

The Crypto Coin Vault is a crafted metal coin that never connects to a computer, never needs charging, and is nearly indestructible.

Cryptocurrencies can be lost forever if your private key is not properly protected against cyber vulnerabilities and physical destruction. 

The Crypto Coin Vault is manufactured with patent-pending split key technology.  Just holding the coin you can feel the value of its contents, all while it conceals your private key by splitting them across multiple disks.

The ultimate method to keep your Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies secure from online theft and natural disasters.

cold storage metal wallet

Blockchain Iron physical metal cold storage wallet allows your cryptocurrencies to be stored in a natural disaster proof container.  The beautiful coin allows your private key to be physically separated into a split-list which allows for an even more secure storage and transfer of your cryptocurrency.  

metal private key

The Blockchain Iron wallet has a patent pending split key technology.   Inside the token shell are multiple metal (copper) private key disks that can be physically stamped.  The copper layers make your private key fireproof, weatherproof and for security transportable in multiple parts.

Your Total backup

USB hardware wallets like the Trezor and Ledger Nano are great. However, the device along with all your cryptocurrencies is easily destroyed by water, fire, malfunction or natural disasters.  Protect yourself by backing up your private key or BIP39 pneumonic by storing it in our beautifully crafted cold storage wallet.

Meet the Crypto Coin Vault

The wallets metal shell has the public key wallet ID and multiple internal copper disks physically stamped with parts of the private key.  The private key disks are concealed by a cap to hide and secure the private key. 

  • 100% offline cold storage wallet
  • Private keys secure even in house fire
  • Water proof
  • Artisan Metals
  • Gorgeous

Security Is Priority

Protect your financial information. Unlike a bank, there are no recovery options if your secret key is lost or stolen.  The best option to protect yourself is the Blockchain Iron cold storage wallet which stores your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies private keys on a disaster resistant physical coin.

Store Private Keys, BIP39, PINs and Passwords

Split Key Technology

Backup your Trezor or Nano BIP39 Keys

Fire, EMP and Water Proof

a wallet worthy of your investment

Each coin is meticulously made to the finest standards.  You can choose from Brass, Titanium, copper, aluminum and even custom Damascus steel to show the true value of your crypto investments. 

Protection from hacking

An offline system is the only way to protect your cryptocurrency from being stolen or lost due to technical failure or hackers.  Our physical cold storage also keeps your private key secure from floods, fires, and zombies. 


The offline storage wallet allows you or your loved ones to recover your cryptocurrency using the physical split key disks.   No forgotten PIN codes.  


Is your company launching and ICO?  Do you need a custom crypto coin wallet to bring your company to the next level?  Run a batch of empty or preloaded wallets for almost any blockchain technology. Contact our sales team to start crafting your custom branded cold storage coins.

No 3rd party access to your private keys

To keep total private control of your key, use our metal hand stamp kits to emboss your private keys onto the internal spit key crypto disks. This option ensures no 3rd party access to your private key.

Worthy of your investment

Fully customizable.  Choose from a series of metals: gold, silver, titanium, brass, aluminum, ceramics, stainless steel, artist designs, and limited edition parts to create a unique crypto coin that fits your style and investment. 

Split Key Private Key Security

Our patent-pending split-key disk technology allows you to split your private key across multiple internal disks.  Without all the disks the private key remains secure. 


The crypto coin makes a perfect gift. It is the physical representation of any cryptocurrency.  Give an empty wallet or load it in seconds using the public wallet QR code on the coin’s base to send crypto from any exchange like Coinbase or Kraken. 

Custom Tokens For your Allocation

Is your company running an ICO? Contact our sales team for custom branded, and limited run offline cold storage coin vaults.

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